GI Practice Survey Results

Survey results as of 4/1/2020

Summary (PDF of full results below):


  • 49 responses from hospitals in the USA (43), Canada (4), Ireland (1) and Spain (1)

  • When known, the mean number of confirmed COVID cases per center is 52; range 0 to 513


  • Most centers’ endoscopy volume is reduced by around 75% or more; 5 centers are at about 50% and 2 are at 75% volume

  • All but two centers have postponed elective colonoscopy and other elective procedures

  • Most institutions do not have a defined plan to catch up on elective colonoscopy; eleven centers plan to institute weekend or evening endoscopy, 4 are employing stool based testing, and 3 plan to hire additional endoscopists/personnel 


  • At most centers (28/49), clinics are partly closed; at 8 centers, clinics are fully closed. At 13 centers, clinics are operational 

  • At 48/49 centers, telemedicine clinic visits have been instituted or are starting soon

              * At the 38 of the 39 centers that entered a response, there is a plan for reimbursement for telemedicine visits


  • At only 31 of 48 centers, has an emergency coverage schedule aimed to limit the number of division members in the hospital at one time has been instituted

              * At these centers, a mean of 4 faculty members and 2 fellows are expected to be in the hospital at one time

  • Twenty-three of 48 centers have an EHR-review only option to address inpatient consults

  • At every center with a training program, fellows are still involved in the care of inpatient consults – mostly in-person, but via chart-review only at 7 centers

  • At 16 of 43 centers that have a training program, fellows are no longer seeing patients in clinic

  • At 17 of 44 centers that have a training program, fellows are no longer involved in endoscopy


  • At 47/49 centers, patients are pre-screened for COVID-19 on arrival to endoscopy; this is most commonly done at registration and/or by endoscopy unit nurses

  • At 43/49 centers, body temperature is taken on arrival

  • Five centers have experienced a known COVID-19 exposure in GI endoscopy or clinic

  • At 41/49 centers, a post-procedure phone call is either not done or whether calls are being made was not known to the respondent

  • At 40 of 48 centers that responded, escorts are not being brought back with patients to prep/recovery


  • In 39/49 centers, PPE is used during all procedures; at 6 centers, it is used for suspected COVID patients only; at 3, for confirmed COVID patients only

  • 48/49 centers are concerned about their PPE supply

  • Twenty-eight of 47 centers are reusing N95 masks and two centers have no access to these masks

  • Twenty-one of 47 centers are reusing surgical masks

  • At only 10 of 47 centers that responded to this question has routine endotracheal intubation for peroral procedures been instituted

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